Take that!!

In response to my husband’s virtual infatuation, I have prepared the following rebuttal (as promised). This is a shout out to my Tuesday night movie group.

Sarrah – do not watch.  You will regret it.

Sarrah – see, I TOLD you. (Sarrah is a super awesome musician, and as such, has always been a little eiiiiii when I start to sing. Since this is a combo of not so tuned uke, trying not to make my next door hotel neighbour bang on the door during recording, and my singing, I might actually cause the woman to pass out).

8 thoughts on “Take that!!”

  1. That mostly didn’t suck! Mostly! 🙂

    Very brave tune for only two weeks practice, but we’ve all come to expect you to tackle the big challenges. Baby steps are for babies, not babes! Heeeheee…


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