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Paper Fables Sculptures (SERIES), GROWING ART III: WALLFLOWER 2016

The series continues with my Paper Fables Sculptures!  I was very happy to preview this new illustration series at the Wallflower Modern Diner along with my anthropomorphic  mushroom series,  Dramatis Personae  in October 2015. Each sculpture is available for $50 each and I welcome commission projects! Just drop me a line.

Walkin, talkin', artin' & smokin'

Today, I had the pleasure of spending time with @Quinnation. We agreed to meet for lunch, but following a comedy of missed busses, last minute tuition payments, non-vegetarian friendly menus and a flash-mob of #420 enthusiasts at the VAG today, we were a bit later than planned in procuring our midday meal. However, we found … Continue reading Walkin, talkin', artin' & smokin'