Super Awesome Catch Up Time

It was a fun weekend of crafting and relaxing. My friend Carson came out to stay with us for the weekend which is always a great excuse to have a good time (now…if he’d only MOVE to the mainland – every weekend could be fun time). I started the weekend by working on some lemonade recipes for the upcoming Blim market (June 14th, to pair up with Car Free Day on Main Street). Since the days have been so hot in Vancouver for the past week and it’s unlikely to have cooled down by mid-June, I thought it crafty of me to sell Lemonade at my market stand. My mom is going to make up a sweet batch and I have been working the chemistry set to whip something savory up.

IMG_0300I worked on 3-4 different drinks, but in the end I really like how my Nimbu Pani and Chamomile infused batches worked out. I figure that Mom’s sweet drink will satisfy the traditionalists, my chamomile concoction will attract the medium-adventurous and that the Nimbu Pani will be refreshing and different for anyone willing to try a lemonade drink with pepper 🙂

After leaving the kitchen in disarray, I moved to the living area to make a mess with my crafts. I started by felting a bar of soap made by a friend of mine. I wasn’t sure of these things would sell, but I wanted to give it a try since I had heard good things about the final product from those who had used them in the past. Felted soap is just like a washcloth and soap in one. The process was quite simple and while the final product was a little furrier than I had hoped (the lady in the shop HAD warned me), I am pretty happy with how it turned out. If Keiko can get a new batch ready in time, I will also have those for sale at my market booth. Felted Soap

I had a few ideas kicking around for hair-pin to sell at the market, so I started to glue. Honestly, I don’t think that these kind of crafts come as naturally to me as puppet making or drawing, so a few prototypes were duds. I was very happy with the final product of the yellow flowers (kind of an antique green/orange/yellow), so I’m going to make a few more of those ones, at least for the market, to see how they sell. Cas thinks that large hair accessories are over the top – but I really like hair accessories. I think they give you the excuse to go big and bold with your hairstyle.

Carson came over while I was elbow deep in low-heat glue and buttons. We waited for Cas to be off work and to meet up with our friend Tony so that we could head over to Fuse. Cas had gotten Carson on the guest-list and we have VAG memberships, so we get in for free. Unfortunately, the heat and the past week caught up to me on route to the event and I bailed when we made it inside. Little air circulation and lots of people made me lose interest before we had even entered the gallery itself, so we headed out towards the seawall. The breeze gave us a temporary escape and we headed down the seawall towards Granville. Not expecting a walk, Carson’s feet had enough by Yaletown, so we hailed a cab. Cas loves taking cabs along Pacific Boulevard as they cabbies can really whip around the corners near GM (on off-game/event nights).

We started our morning off at our local haunt, the Wallflower. I hate it when they have tasty specials for breakfast as I never know what to get. Lunch and dinner – SPECIAL AWAY, but adding choices to my breakfast decision is like giving me an unlimited spend budget in a Fluevog location with the caveat that I may only by one pair (ok, not THAT hard). I settled on the breakfast sliders having gone back and forth between the waffles, strawberry french toast and veggie fry-up at least a 100 times before having our order taken. Cas has just learned not to listen when I am waffling (te he) about the menu. Breakfast was, of course, excellent and we headed up Main street as far as Kia’s market to buy chips and more lemon juice. Already too hot, we headed back to down to our place.

Having talked non-stop about how good True Blood (having watched it over 2 days), we popped that in and proceeded to watch them until we passed out that evening. Pizza may have been involved.

The following morning, there was nothing else to do but finish the series before Carson had to head back to the island. Having watched the series twice within 5 days, I was feeling over-vamped and Cas & I headed out on the town for some dinner with plans to take in a movie. We have yet to see UP! and so we headed over to the Paramount (yes yes, scotiabank theatre :p barf). Since 1 of 2 showings was already sold out and the remaining show didn’t start until after 10PM, we scrapped that idea and headed to chapters. This is when it really hit me that True Blood wasn’t just an addicting HBO delight, but a full book series that I had never bothered to pick up. I had gone the disturbing and ridiculous path that was Laurell K Hamilton’s writing and had never bothered to pick up the Charlaine Harris series since they were both set in the south and both were about vampires. Bad move on my part if the first season of True Blood is at all faithful to the books. All this glorious praise aside, I still couldn’t bring myself to pick up the series as I was honestly “vamped” out. I headed over to the checkout to find 4 staff members idling. I asked for book suggestion within the following parameters: Fiction, a little fantastical, happy, no-vampires. I am disappointed to tell you that the first suggestion made to me was Stephanie Meyer. When I automatically scrunched my nose up in disgust one of the ladies quickly waved her arms and told me that one of her popular series was not at all about vampires. Seeing that I still wasn’t impressed with her suggestion, they proceeded to suggest the Sookie Stackhouse series. At this point, I should have just walked away, but I was still desperate for some new titles. I stood there while they suggested 2 titles that “aren’t THAT sad…well, I cried…” , 1 rom-com zombie story and a Chuck Palahniuk title. With the 5-minute closing call coming over the intercom, I headed out empty-handed.

I felt pretty relaxed coming out of the weekend, which is a good thing because at 6:30AM Monday morning – I headed off to my first boot camp session. Since all of my attempts to sign-up in May had been thwarted (work, faulty registration system, life…), I decided to start fresh at the start of June. So, there I was walking towards Bootcamp at this ungodly hour with the temperature already in the teens. We started the session out by having the instructor find something wrong with each of us. Incorrect shoes, no water bottle, smokers, vegetarians… Once we were all suitably degraded, we started the fitness test.

Fitness Test (first day):
Push Ups – 16
Sit Ups – 31
Plank Hold – 3 mins (max)
Squat Hold – .48s
1KM Jog – 4.38 mins (2nd last)

This humiliating and painful spectacle was followed by having us measure each other. The skinny woman beside me really helped my self-esteem.

Measurements (first day):
Right Biceps – 13.5″
Chest – 44″
Abdomen – 41.5″
Hips/Gluteus – 46″
Right Thigh – 26″
Calf – 16.5

There’s nothing quite like sweating like a pig while you measure your partner at 1/2 your totals. She was very gracious and the only time she made any sound prior to announcing a measurement was at my bust. I imagine there is something of a shock to a woman’s brain when she writes down a 20 and then tells her partner that she has a 44. After that, the forties didn’t really bother her anymore. Then, we were ready to “work-out”. After a joking warning to the group that someone might throw-up, we headed over to some stationary poles for a mixed session of chin-ups, push-ups and triceps dips. Having taken a year and a half of pilates, I was shocked at the scene before me. If the woman next to me didn’t have a serious injury by the end of the session, I would be shocked. Out-the-window goes any proper positions to avoid injury and the jelly fish-dance that ensued either seriously hurt her back or didn’t do anything at all. We only lost one fellow to barf-land. After that point, I decided to focus on my own performance and I worked up a pretty considerable sweat before limping back to the skytrain. I was pretty tired by the time I made it back to my desk, but had recovered enough to head out to an afternoon function with little to no pain.

Following Monday night’s pilates class, however; I had decided that I would never work out again. Who needs to wear a stupid bathing suit ANYWAYS. 🙁

~~~~~~TIME WARP ~~~~~~

Do you remember when I held my “find-ghostie” contest back in October last year? Following a very long delay, I would like to show-off the final design and shirt.

Sarah won the shirt back in October, but as I hadn’t yet figured out how to silkscreen, the original shirt she received had been done by applique. The only problem being that after wearing it for a single day, the applique had already begun to fall off. I promised a make-good prize prior to her departure, but the timing was off and I didn’t finish the new one prior to her leaving for France. Since I didn’t want to just send a single t-shirt out, I decided to do a few pieces for their new place in Paris. I had a great time drawing these and am glad that they sent me pictures when they arrived.

Dave flabbergasted

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