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Today, after a 15 (or so) year hiatus, I pulled out the needles, thread and burbon and started to sew. I bought some material at Dressew this weekend to start playing around at making some skirts. The material ended up being a total of $10, so I wasn’t too worried about making mistakes or having all 3 fail as I assumed it was going to take some time before any of my basic sewing skills came back.

Luckily for me, only one skirt went a-stray and it was a pretty stupid mistake. So, at 11:40 PM, after starting today around 2, I am happy to announce, I have successfully sewn myself a skirt. It’s black. It’s corduroy. It’s nsfw.

Ya, I’m not too happy with the length. It’s final length was SUPPOSED to be 14″ (just 3/4 less than my other micro mini corduroy skirt), but unless I’ve sprouted a few extra inches between my knees and hoohaw, I don’t think that I achieved my desired length. This being said, it’ll be just fine with a pair of leggings and I have one more full piece of material to make a skirt that is wearable at the office.

Also helping to make this a terrific weekend was a surprise afternoon visit from Jase, Megs and Bebe Fiona. They were in town checking out apartments and popped by. Cas and I hadn’t been “formally” introduced to the newest family member, so it was pretty awesome that they stopped by. (Fiona’s a cutey-a-boo-boo).

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