Rhymes with Crochet

I think I am going to start up my own knit/crochet group. I don’t really want to call it a ‘st.itch and b.itch’ club as those typically are knitters and women. TYPICALLY.

I would be happy to host and teach, but I think it would be fun to have some people to chat up while we’re crocheting – hell, I’d be happy for the company while we watch a movie.

Here are my concerns:
1. I don’t think I know anyone who already knows how to knit/crochet, or who wants to learn.
2. Not to be limiting, but I am more interested in meeting people who crochet than those who knit. There are plenty of knitting groups I could join (and my cables are horrid).
3. I’m not sure how to go about finding people to join. I could set up a group on facebook, or friendster or another such social network, but I am concerned about letting strangers/wackos into my home.
4. Do I host it on the same day, every week? I am torn. In such groups, where a weekly commitment is to be made, I find I have a hard time keeping to it as I work at old hours/densities. In such groups, where the commitment is more fluid, I find that it is hard to keep the momentum when a few weeks go by with no meeting.
5. I kinda want to be particular and have a group of people who are interested in doing cool projects – not just another scarf or baby blanket.
6. I’m interested in Men AND Women. Is there something different I should do to attract those closet-men-crocheters to my cause?

As for #3 – it’s the least of my concerns as I can easily book the ‘common room’ downstairs. Once I have a group of regulars, I can bring it up to my place for a more cozy setting.

Are you interested? Do you know someone who is?

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