Out with the old??

So, I’m in the process of upgrading the dramatis personae. I have been fooling around with a few different ideas, but none of them have been particularly attractive, so I end up going back to the way it is published right now. I was working on it again today and just as I was about to throw in the towel on another wasted session, Cas suggested I try my flash skills at a scrolling gallery.

I am trying my hand at working with action script this fine Labour Day holiday. So far so good, but while I was integrating my k-dot toys into the new format, I started fooling around with existing images. I am not 100% sold on my new illustrations because I really like the simplistic version of my k-toys, but I like how sarrah’s turned out.

Older k-toys:

  • Coloured lines for textures.
  • Drop shadow to define character and chin shadow.
  • Deep colours with some white “light” shadows.
  • Round eyes, no cheeks or nose, line smile.

New k-toys:

  • Textures are drawn with shapes, different colours & patterns.
  • Drop shadow removed from all toys, coloured shapes used to define shadows/light.
  • Nose shadow added when face needs (not sold on this one).
  • Smile includes lips on women. (not sure if I want full mouths for guys).

I played around with the feet a little bit. In some of my various projects this year, my k-toys occasionally sprouted legs. I think that legs have their place when the character is dancing, jumping or dangling, but for most other poses, I like the fis.her.pri.ce bottoms.

So, I think I might change one or two to begin with, but I’m going to wait a week or two to see if I really like them before redoing ALL of the characters. I mean, it has been a YEAR since I started this blog, so I expect some things have got to change for the better. I doubt the k. banner will change because I like logging into the site and seeing it there. It just feels like blog/index.

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