Onesie Template

When I was working on Dee’s onsie, I was frustrated by the lack of templates available, so I made my own. I took the Threadless t-shirt template, drew a baby onesie and then matched it to all the available colours on Threadless.


I thought I would make it available for download since many of the forums through which I searched didn’t have anything. This will help the other (million?) onesie designers.

k-dot’s onsie_template
(2.2MB zip file contains .eps, .ai and .pdf)

*Note: THIS IS NOT A THREADLESS TEMPLATE. It doesn’t necessarily match what they sell on the site. It’s just my template that allows me to test different colours of onesies.

*Update: The link above was broken for a bit during my site move. It should be working again. Please comment below if you have any issues.

7 thoughts on “Onesie Template”

  1. This download seems pretty large to me. I don’t know much about the .ai format. But, I was under the impression that an eps file should actually be pretty tiny. It should just be vector shapes; this is 3.3 megs. Something seems funny (Maybe some part of this is a bmp, and it’s not compressing well?)

    As for the pdf, you can get it to half that size if you use the compression options in OSX.

  2. You’d think that vectors wouldn’t be big, but I am not using stamps to repeat the onesie design, so it’s the same vector over and over again in different colours, just like the threadless template.

    That one is an 11MB download (but since it actually fits the shirts that they sell, the download size is worth it.).

    Also, my .eps is mostly for people who aren’t using CS3 and the file goops up so I didn’t overly compress it.

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