One hotter inch.

It’s coming – the One Hot Inch Show in Vancouver.

I’ve procrastinated right down to the wire and now, I need to submit a design before Sunday. However, they only accept one button submission per market, so I have to choose which one to submit.

If you could log your vote by midday Saturday, it would be much appreciated. The mini version of the button above will be the actual printed size (remember, these are 1 inch buttons).

UPDATE: I get 19 free buttons if I get into the show. The first 19 people to vote on the design will get one of those buttons!! Comment below to ensure that’s you!

4 thoughts on “One hotter inch.”

  1. Spacegirl is a better overall button. Fun subject and eyecatching background. That and who DOESN’T want to be an astronaut?

    If Super-K had a good background instead of random blue (add some clouds, maybe?) it would be better.

  2. SuperK is definitely more awesome.
    But, I voted for astrogirl because I think it will resonate with more people. K is definitely K, where as astrogirl could be most girls.

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