I’ve a had a fun few days playing around with logos for people. I’m pretty happy with where my logo skills are going from where they were a year ago. I hope that Emily Carr decides to offer their “continuing education” series so that I can take the font class. That’s where I’m still pretty weak (yes Cas, I know you really agree).

Jannie (my super assistant) was looking for a team logo for her softball team. She’s really stoked to get this printed up and I was very glad that she was so happy with it. Below you see the entire logo & the emblem.


Cas told me that he liked the logo and wondered if I would be willing to make a logo for his “football” team (aka – blood bowl). Since I was still flying high over his compliments for Jannie’s logo, I started doddling today. I sent something off to him at lunch expecting him to be dazzled – but it wasn’t 100% what he wanted. He sent me off some changes and I have taken a few stabs at it since that initial submission. I think that the one in the upper right hand corner is likely to be the closest match to the final product – but we’ll see. Should it drastically change, I’ll post the final.


2 thoughts on “Logolicious.”

  1. Is there voting?
    If so, I like the second aces, and the bottom right Garrottes. (I think because it’s outlined in black, but I’m not sure.)

  2. Well, no voting today since the aces took both logos (one is the main logo and the other is a patch emblem). For Cas’s logo, we wanted to have the green and I think the off coloured skull works better with the green. Otherwise, that’s my favourite too 🙂

    Now, I can’t wait for my next corporate logo. Do I add these to my professional portfolio or not. I mean, that’s a pretty gory skull there.


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