k-dot FTW (contest)

Ghosty for a tshirt.

Want a chance to win a k-dot tee? Then the trick-or-treat search is on. Participants are tasked to search the web to find this little graphic piece that I posted somewhere on the web today (see above) for a chance to win a k-dot t-shirt. The winner is asked to email sheatkdashdotperiodcom pointing to the appropriate URL.


  • First one to email me, wins the shirt.
  • The graphic that you are looking for has DIFFERENT text than the “where’s ghosty — find my work…”.
  • Winner must take a photograph of themselves in the shirt once they receive it in the mail. This means that you MUST be willing to give me your address so I can SEND you the shirt.
  • Would be nice if winner read the blog, but it’s not 100% necessary (as long as I get a photo).

My only regret on this little graphic is that I whipped it out in photoshop and not Flash. When will my new flash skills get to SHINE???

7 thoughts on “k-dot FTW (contest)”

  1. so… it’s somewhere in the eleventy bazillion pages on the internet, and … we have to find where?

    oh dear. This could be hard.

    Well. I know it’s not on any of MY pages. That narrows it down. eep.

  2. Well, yes. It’s SUPPOSED to be hard. I have no governing body telling me that I need to make it easy…ah boo boo boo…for those people who need hand holding through contests.

    It always grinds my spices when contests have a “send an index card in” or “no purchase necessary” added. So, what you’re telling me is that my odds are me against the ENTIRE PLANET + cheaters?

    This being said, if no one wins by end of week, I will add a clue.

  3. there’s a good reason for those stupid addendums: they’re required by gambling/contest law. 🙂 it’s also why so many of them say “not available in quebec”, because quebec has even more weird lottery rules.

    same with the skilltesting question required. is silly!

  4. You mean my AWESOME spam proof email.

    I KNOW the gov of Canada requires that no lottery, gambling or contest may give away money for “free”. This limits large advertisers from simply saying “drink enough cola product” and we’ll give you a thousand dollars.

    This being said, contests are a fun ice cream shop initiative which can help a shop to pull information for future campaigns and to get your customers stoked about your “product”. When you open the gates to allow ANYONE to win your prize, you then lose control of any of the goals you had hoped to measure during the length of your campaign. It’s killed a few of my more brilliant ideas.

    In any case, this contest is pretty ridiculous. I don’t expect anyone to actually get it, so maybe I’ll add a postcard entry component.

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