Jacquie & Jeff tie the knot

I was looking forward to the weekend for a few reasons: I was gonna see some of my favourite people (whom I had not seen in 9 months), Charchar was going to be staying with me so I’d get extra time in, I had an epic hairstyle planned and the painting that I was giving the bride & groom had turned out nicely. There was a single fly in the forthcoming ointment. Driving.

In December of last year, I had a break-down panic attack while on the Portmann bridge. Not only am I an irregular driver, but I also was driving during holiday rush-hour. It was a Friday and there was only one more week to go until Christmas so between commuters and shoppers, I was probably doomed from the start. Sprinkle on the bacon bits of a low-level anxiety, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. So when the truck tried to change lanes…on the bridge…while I was still in said lane…I was done. By the time, Cas & I made it to my office party I was shaking so badly that he had to take the keys from my curled up hands and lead me into the restaurant. Needless to say, I didn’t drive again that holiday and we returned the rental car a few days later.

Jacquie’s wedding was in Chilliwack…barely. By that I mean, the exit is technically “in” Chilliwack, but you’re practically in Agassi at that point. The idea of driving on the highway in a stretch that is posted at 100+ was making my stomach hurbily at the thought. We had a plan however. Cas & I were going to stay with my parents and I would make a trial drive out to the Abbotsford airport to pick up Char before the wedding. If I crumbled, Cas would drive home and we’d come up with alternate travel plans. Turns out I worried for nothing as Langley traffic is not what you’d call “heavy” by any stretch at 8am and I met a hung-over, but happy Charchar at YXX.

Hurdle cleared, Char picked up & pressed dress ready to go, it was time to tackle the ‘do. I had been doing trial runs for a few weeks prior to the wedding and was pretty sure I was gonna rock an up-do mohawk. The challenge was going to be getting all of my hair (a considerable task even with hardware) on top of my head and then keep it there all night. I was also planning to rock the dance floor out (which is my favourite part about weddings), so longevity was also considered. My mom hung out with me while I undertook the task and half and hour later, I was sporting perhaps the tallest hairdo I’d ever seen.

Jacquie & Jeff got married at The Falls, in Chilliwack, a seriously beautiful golf course halfway up the Eastern Hillsides. The sun was shining, the bride was beautiful and my nephew rocked a tux as the couple said their “I dos”. I was seated with my former work friends and we talked, drank and danced the night away. One of the highlights of the evening was when my sister and Char decided to start doing rolls down the hill with some of the children. When my mom called out to my sister that she was going to wreck her dress she inevitably responded “What? It’s green!”.

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