Item #1 (3/6 complete)

and only 2.5 days of vacation left. (eek!)

Tonight, after watching more than 3 hours of Xena (Item #6), I finished up my hat. I am not really one for patterns as I don’t have that good of a memory/concentration. Usually I start with an idea, find a pattern that is close to what I am thinking, sorta-kinda follow it, then modify as I go along.

The original hat pattern can be found here.

The two hairbuns are miniatures of the big round, but somewhere around the 4th row, I started to decrease the stitches. Each of the buns are stuffed with old socks, so that I didn’t need to worry about them when it rained.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. If anyone wants one, we can either negotiate a timeline, a cost or a pattern trade. This being said, you can probably figure it out just by looking at it. Now, I’m going to sit down and work on #2 (animate a banner for my website) while continuing my #6 marathon. eieieieieieieieie!

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