Introduction to Illustration: Begin

I have officially begun round two of Emily Carr continuing education. My advanced studies in Illustration begins simply with Introduction to Illustration (as my Commercial Illustration class was canceled this semester due to disinterest). The class is entirely made up of women (with a male instructor) and the most common introduction was “I draw cutesy”. Hrmm.

Assignment one is to draw ANYTHING, but using the shading techniques we learned in class. I have an idea, but I’m procrastinating as the design in my head has a fish in it…and so I need to do some research on drawing fish. I am determined not to play it safe this semester and draw things outside of my comfort zone so that I grow as an illustrator. Hense the fish & the procrastination.

But this blog post has done it. I’m inspired. I’m off to go stare at photos of fish heads (sorry).

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