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Black Canary, face

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She’s done. I’m pretty happy with how she turned out too. The purple and silver are a bold combination and I’m glad I went with it.

Since I had already used Black with WW and White with She-ra, I decided that the final print needed to have a blend of the 2 shades. While I could just throw the whole colour scheme out and go with 2 other colours (such as orange and copper…stay tuned), I wanted this print to fit well in the series.

It was a really great weekend. I’m glad that I was able to get this piece finished with the whirlwind weekend.

Mom In-Law went home on Saturday. I can honestly, with no exaggeration, say that it was a pleasure having her stay with us. I had some initial fear that 3 weeks would be too long for the 3 of us to stay in a single room (remember, loft = no rooms) without killing each other (or my bitching Cas to death). However, this time it worked out very well. First up, we no longer live in Langley, so when Mom goes out during the day…it isn’t just to the casino*. Also, she has MORE FRIENDS THAN ME living in this town, so she was out almost every day shopping, eating or walking about with friends of hers. As an added bonus, I’m getting to be friendlier with my MIL each time I see her. I think there was some initial nervousness to be herself around me, which caused me to be on my guard/best-behaviour, so this trip we bonded over some shopping and hang-out time on the weekends when Cas was out.

Cas thinks that I have a problem staying in small town Ontario with my brother-in-law and extended family for an long period of time rather than having issues with guests at home and I think he may be on to something. Honestly, when you can get out, I think anything is more bearable.

On Saturday night, I got out the bring paints and did body prints with Cas for my first set of portraits. Since these are less than internet-friendly prints, I will not be posting them here, but I will say that I am very happy with the results. I also took some shots of the clean up, which have grungy-amateur AA look to them. I am going to print and frame these as well.

Which brings me to last night when I purchased an HP photo printer. *sigh* 20 minutes after the shop closes, I take the stupid printer out to find that the cable is messed (the power cable that is). I go online to the HPchat line to confirm my problems and 60 minutes later (after asking me to repeat every step that I had done on my own in 1/6th of the time), my online dude confirmed that I had a wonky cable.

So, following my PIANO** lessons at 5, and my pilates at 7, I will march into Lon.don.Dr.ugs and ask them to give me a new printer. All will be well. It’s been less than 24 hours since I bought the first one. Surely they will be happy to set me up with a new system. Look how positive I am.

*My mom in law is a good luck charm. While she was here, she and Rickeh decided to take a trip over the casino. On the first night, she won $350. On the second night, she won $400 something. On the third night, she rested. On the fourth night she won $1,500. I have only ever played $60 at the casino in my life (not in one night) and have never won more than a buck, so this story is very inspiring. Enough to make me head over the casino, nope. But I am sure glad it happened to my widowed Mom in law after a trip filled with shopping and eating.

**I start tonight. I found a jazz instructor who teaches at the Long & McQuade, right near my HOUSE!!! I might be a touch nervous though, as the last time I took private lessons I cried. Seriously.

Worst part about it was the last time I took private lessons I was 17. I don’t know what happened and it still kind of haunts me. I’m standing in one of those sound-proof padded rooms with my instructor and it’s stifling hot. He gets me to play a few notes and complements my sound. He says he can tell that I really feel the music, but would like to get me to hit closer to the centre of the note if possible. “It’s like singing” he tells me and asks me to sing a note that he plunks out on the piano. I sing the note, only an octave lower than the piano. He tells me to sing the proper note and I tell him that it’s out of my range. He raises an eyebrow at me to signal that I have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, so he asks me to sing up the scale. As I sing up the scale, I can feel my voice straining and the notes turning ugly. Still he motions for me to keep singing and presses his hand into my tummy to ensure that I am using my breath properly.

Out spring the tears. I don’t know why this happened and once they started I couldn’t stop. He stopped playing immediately, moved his back against the wall and said, “Well, you’re the first student I have ever made cry.” I asked him if he could just ignore the water falling from my face (in a very steady voice), tried to laugh off the dripping faucet as my being crazy, and asked if he could just continue with the lessons as if this hadn’t happened. We did, and I continued lessons with him until I quit music all together a year later.

To this day, I have NO IDEA why I started to cry, but I have to admit that it is with very mixed emotions I start my lessons today. I am so excited, I can hardly wait for the day to be done, but at the same time I am afraid K-dot the Crazy will show up for lessons and have me balling over blues scales. *sigh* Here’s to sanity.

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