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Penn’s birthday was a few weeks ago, so I scheduled for her to come downtown and chill with me for a day (Saturday, March 14). It proved to be a little harder than I had originally expected as there was some negotiation that was required for her to get the day off (from mommy-land). When she finally made it downtown, we hit Burgoo (<3<3<3<3) and headed up to Front. I also picked up some supplies for a *secret* silkscreen project, but by the time we made it back home, we were both pretty tired. We sat at my kitchen counter for 3 hours and just jammed. It’s pretty great to have gotten to this point in our relationship where we, not only, want to hang out, but we also have something to talk about. 5 years is a pretty big difference between siblings, but in the last 2 years, that age difference has become irrelevant. It was a blast to have her out and she has promised to schedule a Uncle/Auntie + Nephew play date this summer. BONUS!!


rabbids in 2d-3d

On Friday (March 20th), we had a lego contest at work. To up the ante, my boss decided to announce that the most-creative prize would win Britney OMGBBQ Tickets. Naturally, I worked my butt off finding lego so that I could create something so magnificent so as to rock his world.

I made a full concert stage and also created a microphone & stewardess hat for my rabbid to recreate a performance of Toxic. The rabbid survived the skytrain ride home, but the stage – alas, did not. It was pretty close, the tickets ended up getting split 3 ways, but I have a golden ticket. I’m pretty stoked. Britney & NKOTB in 6 months – will pop-wonders never cease??


"give peas a chance"

I hosted Dee’s baby shower this Friday (March 20th) and wanted to make her something special. All week I have been running tests to create my first at-home-made silk-screening creation.

When we were younger and listened to too much Arrogant Worms, there was a song called “Carrot Juice Constitutes Murder” whose live version ended with the group making puns about veggiside. One of the comments was “All we are sayin’……is give peas a chance”. Taking this as divine inspiration, the following onsie was created.


Good Day
Snowshoeing up Cypress

On Saturday (March 22nd), Cas and I headed up Cypress. I was kinda unhappy with the lack of choices when it came to snowshoeing at Grouse, so this time we planned our trip to the national park “With the best Winter Skiing & Riding in Vancouver, Canada’s most popular Cross Country Skiing Area, a huge Snowtubing Park and our unique Snowshoeing Tours, Cypress truly offers something for everyone!”

Carless, we depended on Transit & the shuttle to get us up the mountain. Other than the fact that you can’t LEAVE the mountain before 3pm, it was a pretty stress-free trip. We got to the mountain at 9am when it opened and enjoyed crisp, stiff snow tails. By the time we made it to the advanced trails on the upper mountain, the sun was fully out and the sky was blue.

I am blown away by the differences between Cypress & Grouse. First, you can’t get to Grouse unless you take the gondola. I know they probably don’t care about those pathetic Nordic adventurers who are afraid of heights seeing as they are a SKIING destination on a  MOUNTAIN, but I wasn’t too impressed with the swinging metal box on a cable being my only way to access the peak. Once there, Grouse has 1 pathetic little snowshoe park that I completed twice in under an hour. The trail that goes up the mountain into Lynn valley requires advanced snowshoers to be equipped for avalanche, and first aid survival. Not exactly what I signed up for when buying my day pass. On top of all this, I had to spend 20 minutes in the lodge finding a staff member who could direct me to someone who knew anything about the snowshoe trails. When I arrived at the empty information desk, another 20 minutes finally got me directions. “It around the skating rink behind the snowdrift. Ya, there aren’t really any signs until you’re at the entrance”. 🙁

Cypress, on the other hand, handed me a trail map when I purchased my trail pass. A helpful employee caught Cas and I when we were heading off in the wrong direction. A spattering of staff throughout the trails were friendly and directed us throughout. We snowshoed for 5 hours and there were still trails that we hadn’t followed. In fact, they had a similar trail that met up with a BC parks trail that required first aid/avalanche training, but I didn’t mind not experiencing it because I had plenty more to see. I also have a reason to return. All in all, a super day. I am seriously considering a Nordic pass next winter.


Yesterday, a friend and I were planning to bike the seawall, but as she hadn’t gotten her bike out of storage yet, we enjoyed a stroll around the park. The walk does take about 2-3 hours at a medium pace, so we enjoyed a few hours of Vancouver clear skies and sunshine. I am very glad that I scheduled the meetup as I had a great time and hope to repeat the pleasure again soon. Honestly, I am looking to schedule as much physical fun during the next few months as I can to shed the winter-plump that I put on and to get ready for the Sun Run in just a few weeks. My work team and I are signed up to participate and while I’m not exactly “out-of-shape”, I’m not necessarily the “shape” I wish to be. Looking for some hiking/outdoor fun. Give me a shout.

pj_w_friesThat afternoon, Penny came to town for her semi-final soccer game. She rarely plays downtown, so she invited Cas and I to join her. Bonus: PJ was there <3<3<3, so uncle and I got to sit with him. He was in a pretty crappy mood though, so when Penn was pulled from the field for getting a yellow card, he snuggled in his mom’s lap for the next hour and made a pouty face each time we tried to engage him. Luckily, Auntie K and Uncle Cas have the secret to all children’s hearts. POUTINE. We headed to Belgian Fries (one of the winners of the Golden Plate best Fries awards in the GS) and bought our way into our nephew’s heart via fries and chicken.

My bike died on the way back from the soccer game on route to the dinner, so I am going to have to go and fix it up today at lunch. One of the chain pieces has come apart and logged itself into my back gear. I can’t even turn the pedal. It’s a bummer. We snagged a spot in the bike room for the first time ever, so I have additional space in my apartment to bring my vermiculture back inside the house. No more shimmying out my little loft window to try and reach it which translates to my not using the thing and keeping my compost in little tupperwear containers on my Kitchen counter.


11 days ago, my mom gave me a plastic bag full of fermenting batter.


The batter is part of a “chain-letter”/friendship sharing activity where you cultivate the batter for 10 days and then split off the newly grown batter into 4 parts and “share the love”. 11 days ago, I was pretty stoked, but at 9pm last night after 2 days of physical activity I was uninterested in standing in my kitchen for a few hours to bake bread. Then I realized that I didn’t even have all the ingredients, so Cas and I packed our butts back into the bus to go and get some bread-making things…only to find upon my return that I didn’t have any vanilla or milk 🙁

So, I will be making my first loaves today, rather than yesterday as scheduled, but this means that I have 3 sacks of starter bread on my counter if you’re interested in getting involved. Here are the details. I am going to try to pawn off a few on residents of my building, but if you’re interested, drop me a line and I’ll save you a bag.

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