I'll post you Thursday for a veggie burger on Sunday.

It’s taken me 3 FLIPPIN’ Days to get this stupid video file to work. I admit it. I do not have any hidden talents for video. I am a sketch book wielding power house, with a minus modifier to moving pictures.

All nerdiness (well, not ALL) aside, my Sunday post was to be as follows:

Hello Everyone and welcome to day 2 of my vacation. It’s good time to work on my mural, so I decided to set up the vid cam to film me working. If you’ve seen the flickr photos, you know that I have been working on this for some time. Finally, I have the time to finish it. It took me all day, but I finally got it done. Let’s see if I can’t get this video to post:

I hope you can see it alright. The thing that gave me the issue was speeding up the film. Seems iMovie 08 is a crap program that is so picky that it won’t even import files from Quicktime unless it is perfect (ie, exactly the codex that it wants. I read several different forums where snotty mac-experts tried to tell the obviously frustrated posters that they just weren’t listening and if they would only a), b), c x 43 divided by infinity, that it would work. HELLO??? Do you even understand how many people use OSX because it’s supposed to be user friendly? I tried 15 different file formats and then gave up. Luckily, Cas has iMovie 07 (or some version earlier than crappy mc crapperton’s iMovie 08), so I was able to import my video and FINALLY get it to play faster. Unfortunately, my computer is quite a bit faster and more beefy than Cas’s comp, so it took quite a bit longer for the video to render.

On Tuesday, I headed back out to Langley to enjoy an evening class with my Mom chez Angie’s shop Well Seasoned. The class was hosted by Rose Murray and she was cooking out of her new cookbook “A Taste of Canada”. If you missed the tweets while we were in session, here’s a “taste”:

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