How is this a ninja??

The weekend was action packed with Saturday Morning Cartoons at the Rio (which I helped out at by collecting money/tickets) and Jannie & Dustin’s wedding. We got home late on Saturday night and promised each other that we could clean up in the morning since my MIL is coming out this week to stay with us. Naturally, we woke at the crack of dawn and got right down to…sitting on the couch.

Well, that’s not entirely true. There was 2 hours of the frustrating installation of our new washing machine…but enough about that right yet. I am sitting on a sternly worded email or two to Sears about the delivery/installation which I am generously giving them a week with which to reply. Since I know that once I start blogging the entire ordeal, I will not stop until I have flamed the crap out of their service, so I have decided to gloss over the issue for now. Just know that after 4 months with no washing machine, we are now in possession of a front loading stacked washer/dryer. It washes. It dries. It’s glorious. More later.

The rest of the day was spent considering how much work we would get done if we would only get up. As the unfolded laundry continued to stack up on the couch, I did my best to ignore the chore that would allow me to wear clean clothes for the first time in a long time. Luckily, my sketchbook was in easy reach of my reclined position, so I spent the rest of the day drawing.

In respect to Free Comic Book Day this past weekend, I pulled out the “How to Draw” issue that I picked up last year. I usually avoid these, but since it was free and the front cover graced a picture drawn by Terry/Rachel Dodson (<3<3<3), I brought it home thinking I might do some guided practice of action poses. I haven’t bothered cracking it open in the past year, but something made me think of it this evening. After practices a few poses, I finally decided to take the stick figure into action. I spent the last hour colouring my drawing and proclaimed to Cas (supposedly with a “ninja-like” grunt…I know, I’m confused too) “what do you think?”


Does this look like a Ninja to you? The answer is no. Also, the answer is Cas doesn’t know what a ninja looks like. There, I feel vidicated now that this is up on the internet (cause if it’s on the internet, it must be true). Also, check out my cool super hero drawing!! It think the proportions actually match that of a running person. Since drawing action figures has never been a forte, I am quite happy with the result.

Tomorrow I start my boot camp (for real this time). I am planning on trying it out for a month to at least get back to the body that I was not ashamed to cover in a bikini last summer. If this zaps my tummy back into shape, I shall be satisfied and happy. Otherwise, I’ll just be sore and tired. :p Wish me luck.

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