Gallery Gachet’s T-Shirt Design Contest

For this week’s WordPress Wednesday post, I would like to draw (see what I did there) your attention to a contest being held by the Gallery Gachet.

As you may know, Gallery Gachet is one of the galleries at which I volunteer. I joined their communications team last month and was encouraged to participate. I decided to help run an initiative that would both get people checking out the Gachet blog & help collect submissions for the new t-shirts. It only seemed right to mash them together!

If you have a t-shirt design, or if you know an artist in BC who is an outsider/dissident artist or perhaps a student who is looking for design challenges, I would encourage you to forward them to this initiative. If you/they win, you/they will get a copy of the design on a t-shirt and the design will be sold (and promoted) the Gallery Gachet Salon starting this summer.

Gallery Gachet’s Call for Artists!

I’m going to be sketching some submissions this weekend for submission. Check back here for my progress!

One extra note to help promote the outsider arts scene in Vancouver. grunt gallery is trying to fund a catalogue for their next show: BLIZZARD: Emerging Northern Artists. If you’re able to donate, they ask that you visit Indiegogo & help them reach their target of $2,500.

Enjoy the sunshine Vancounicorns.


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