Doppler effect

And then, morning came.

I worked yesterday and got things done. The anxiety that was so overwhelming, that I had a dull noise in my head as I went to work. Once I was back at my desk and attempting to dig out of the solid puddle of work, they noise began to fade.

Penn drove me to the mac store and Chapter’s after work. I was able to get my ipod working and pick up 2 dozen boxes to store my books and DVDs.

I wanted to get more work done last night, but I wanted to take a little time to myself first…so I started to pack. Cas is continuously perplexed that physical labour can be counted as downtime for me. While I do enjoy sitting and reading or painting or other stationary things – I can’t just sit. I find it impossible to do “nothing”. So, as I sweated furiously around the apartment, he kept me company.

I have successfully packed all my DVDs, taken down my media shelves, and stored all the “bedroom” (fiction) books away in boxes. If I can get another 20 or so boxes tonight, I will have (hopefully) all my books packed away.

Unfortunately, I passed out on the bed at 11 rather than getting up and working anymore, so I’m taking deep breaths this morning. I don’t have time to be anxious for me today – it’s Penn’s exam. My stinky sister is taking the plunge and going for her GED today. She’s gonna do great – but she had a crappy evening and I can tell she’s nervous.

So I made her a desktop background. (800 x 600)
Today is going to Rock

Go Penny Go!!

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