3 thoughts on “Deja Sick”

  1. Make sure to add some honey to that tea/juice. Unpasteurized honey has natural healing properties that will help you get well sooner. And it’s tasty!!

    One of my favourites growing up was warmed grapefruit juice, with some honey melted in.

    Also, if you have any vitamins that are heavy in zinc, now would be a good time to take them. Zinc aids in vitamin c retention, which helps a sore throat. Also, zinc acts to reduce the ailment.

  2. For such a grammer nazi you’re spelling is atrocius.
    (all errors in the above are intentionally wrong because I find it funny)

    Stress is the largest cause of sore throats, and other related sicknesses.

    Stop getting stressed!!!

  3. I was sick. Illustrator needs spell check. 🙁

    Also, you’re right. I hate that I’m such a bad speller – especially since I’m so intolerant of other’s mistakes.

    Step 1: don’t get stressed.
    Step 2: get a dictionary.
    Step 3: stop typing stream-of-consciousness and spell check.


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