Day #3: UBC in a tan

Yesterday, we had some errands to do and as such spent the remaining hours of the morning (vacation means sleeping in, in k-land) walking up Main Street. Cat food acquired, we met up with Carson who had taken the day to go see his friend Tony. Our trio reunited, we packed into his vehicle and drove down to UBC. I rarely go to UBC because of the distance. It’s silly since the bus goes right there and it’s easily a 3 or 4 chapter ride onto campus, so I told myself repeatedly that I must make a repeat trip soon and check out some of the beautiful grounds, statues and gardens that are housed there. It’s been years since I’ve visited the museum of anthropology and I’ve never been inside the Japanese gardens.

Yesterday; however, was not for sight-seeing. No, on June 29th, after more than 25 years living in this province, I finally made it to Wreck beach.

I’m not really sure what I was expecting. My friends and I have discussed it lately as there has been some press lately about how Wreck beach is no longer the fun, free place it once was. There was an article in the straight featuring Watermelon Girl a few months ago, and I believe that she was saying that the new influx of teenagers and gawkers were making it less fun for clothing-optional minded families. A few of my friends had mentioned that suburban kids would come down on the weekend and actually heckle the gentle-hippy nudists. So, while I was very excited to check it out for the first time, I am particularly glad that we had scheduled to check this item off my list on a weekday during the day, rather than during peek weekend hours. For one thing, it took me a hellova long time to make it down those stairs. img_0905_editThey must be designed for people going up (and having gone back up them, I don’t blame them), so I awkwardly and slowly made my way down to the beach. We settled down between 2 clothed parties and set up camp. And then, I saw them! Blowing freely in the breeze or being tossed around while they played naked Frisbee. The gentle sloping of jugs being left out to dry and tan in the sun. It was a beautiful display of casual comfort. The day was very blue and the breeze was nice enough that the sun was warm on your skin but cool enough that you didn’t break a sweat. Not being an experienced nude-tanner, I used my iPhone to flip on such a regular interval, I’m not sure that I actually tanned at all. This mean, *sigh*, I’m just going to have to go back a few times this summer. How will I endure?

We returned home and chilled for the evening. This vacationing is extremely bad for my diet and I am only a little fearful (since I have 2 more days of vacation left) of how hard it’s going to be to return to my workout regimen.

2. Go to Rec beach and tan my boobies!
9. Draw something each day I am off. 2/3

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  1. I went to wreck beach once when I was 14. Since my boyfriend at the time was the epitome of evil, I’ve blocked most of it out of my memory.

    I wanna go back!

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