Day #2: Relaxalishious.

Yesterday was pretty chill. Having stayed up until 2am the night before (winding down after the part-tay), I slept in until Noon. My back was killing me (as it always does when I sleep more than 8 hours these days 🙁 ), so we lazed around the apartment until we needed to head out to Langley for my dad’s birthday. Jenn (previously PENN on this blog), offered to pick me up at the skytrain in return for my checking out her computer. She, Eric (previously Rickeh) and Jonathan (previously PJ) picked Cas and I up and I did some fixing of her system. Isn’t it shocking how little space is 10GB these days? After some cursuory file maintemance, we headed over to Mom & Dad’s for a BBQ. My mother made a cake that actually has the subtitle “You’re going to die anyways” in the recipe heading. We chilled for a little while (too short, but it’s difficult to have extended visits with a 2 year old) and then headed back to the big Vancouver.

img_0904_editWe were pretty full, so we concluded our evening reading & drawing. Having finished “Wicked” (finally!), I picked up my copy of “God is not Great” by Christopher Hitchen. I really love how he writes, but I find that I have to read him in small bites as I get quite depressed reading real-life stories of religious leaders (aka-liars) ruin the lives of people who blindly follow them. It makes a me a bit sick and I find that if I read more than 2 chapters at a time I have nightmares. I am so shocked sometimes that people who really mean to do evil just for the sake of mind control are living and breathing. I believe I occassionally pad my reality with the fiction that real people can’t be as evil as bad-guys in the movies. Heavy stuff left open on the arm of the couch, I picked up my sketch book and scribbed an emo and hipster combo. Would these 2 even be seen in the same circles? Or is emo the natural starting point to become a snotty hipster? Seems to fit.

4. Celebrate my Dad’s birthday.
9. Draw something each day I am off.  1/2
14. Remove the Christmas music from my iTunes account.

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