Day #1: success

Yesterday was fun fun fun…and expensive.

img_0903I haven’t gone “shopping” since I did my Robson trip before heading to Calgary 2 months ago. Since that experience was pretty stressful and I was buying clothes for a business meeting, it’s funny to even compare the two trips. Cas wanted to head up to Strategies to check out the games that were happening and got brought into an LFR game that was a player short. Carson and I had shopping to do, so we headed down to Gastown to start our day. Since we were both planning to dance at Sin City that evening, we needed to find some clothes that would let us in under the dress code. We received some direction from a friend and google maps and found ourselves at Deadly Couture. The shop keeper was really friendly and since she was also going to the event that night, was super keen. Carson got hooked up with an awesome vest and pants, I purchased this number. Boots=sexy, high and covers my ankle brace.

After having picked up our gothic gear, we headed towards the mall to continue our shoe shopping extravaganza. Unfortunately, since Carson’s feet require special order-width, we were unable to get new runners and as such, it’s likely that item #13 (walk the seawall) will get thrown out. We headed home to give our feet a rest and got caught up on Season 2 of TrueBlood (mmm). Come 10PM we spruced ourselves up and called a taxi.

The thing that I like about Sin City (beyond all the eye-candy) is the fact that I can go and dance my butt off. I always find that the mental and physical games being played by pretty people in nightclubs get int the way of the dancing, and as I don’t drink, I get tired with the atmosphere quite early in the evening. At Sin, since everyone there has had to leave their pride and public masks at the door, you’re all on the same footing. You’re all sweating your pants off (especially if you’re in a non-porous outfit :D) and you’re all looking to have fun. I love the workout I get and with my new platform boots, we danced 3 hours and I barely noticed it. Today my ankle is a little twingy, but no where near how sore I usually am in heels and in good health.

We stayed up far too late and slept in until Noon. Day #1 of my vacation: success.

3. Finish the Wicked novel I have been trying to read for the past…5 months.
5. Go to Sin City and dance about.

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