Dandelions without the allergies.

Today, Samna invited me to attend her birthday party, conveniently located in Vancouver. I was pretty excited to get out of the house after “recuperating” for the past week. My ankles pretty sore now as I have done more walking in the last 6 hours that I have for the past 6 days. However, I am confident that I am mending at a good pace. Following an intimate session with an icepack, I will be able to better confirm this.

Samna’s party was held at Crankpots (in the City Centre mall at Cambie + W. 12th. The pottery was pre-made, and we were to paint the different pieces. Samna picked a piece for everyone at the to-do and off we went. She’s sure to have a strange combination of pieces when she is done – but I tried my best to do something nice that would look pretty on the counter. Her kitchen colours are a kind of Santa Fe theme – so I wanted to go with a really bright green. However, after 4 coats to the outside, it was still a pastel colour. The finished glaze colour was very different on the sample piece so I’m hopeful for a nice bright finish.

If you can’t see from the picture, the bottom of the pot is dark green with blades of grass and there are 3 dandelions wafting in the breeze. There are white dots flying away from one of the flowers which spills up onto the lid (which is painted in dark green & white).

It was fun to hang out with Samna and her friends. They were chatty and happy. It’s fun to hang out with people who are just chilling and genuinely happy. I am really looking forward to Friday when Samna picks up all the pieces and provides me with a picture of the final product.

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