Craft of the Week #3

We have this really large white space in the loft where the stairs join to our upper level. I’ve been talking about doing a mural for several weeks, but have been dragging my feet.

First off, we haven’t asked permission. Since I have painted almost every single rental in which I have ever lived, I didn’t really see it as a problem. I once had a very wise person tell me that if I considered my damage deposit to be a “creative license”, then you wouldn’t worry about decorating while you were living there. Secondly, I really didn’t want to paint something that Cas didn’t like. I mean, we both have to live here and I wouldn’t like it if he was to buy a large piece of art that I didn’t like without asking.

Just before my whistler trip, I started to make some little sketches. I was really pleased at how they turned out, and found the confidence to start sketching out the pieces on the wall.

Following the nod from Cas, I began to outline everything and paint this weekend. A work in progress, but I am definitely proud of where I’m going with this.

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