Captain c-a-a-a-aave woman

I was recently commissioned to do a banner for a friend of mine who is doing a Paleo-diet blog. A few of my friends are now on a paleo-diet, and so while I’m posting to share my finished pieces with you, I also invite you to check out Pebbles’s Cavewoman Eatery blog.

I’ve decided to push up my sleeves and upgrade my Illustrator skills over the next month (no-TV month!). There are some amazing features in CS5 that I have never checked out and since CS6 has already been announced for BETA, enough time has passed so that there is a wealth of knowledge & excellent tutorials now available online. I’m pretty enamoured with the perspective grid tool (as are most illustrators who have done an online tutorial) and am flabbergasted that I didn’t know about the shape builder tool (alas Pathfinder palate, our time together was short and I hardly knew you). I am also considering signing up for a membership for a month. Have you tried online-learning before? Do you have any recommendations?

Edit (11/30/12):

I did decide to join up at and it was a great decision. 6 hours later, I finished the Illustrator essentials course and I have literally tripled my speed with the program. They say it’s all about the shortcuts – and THEY are so right. I can’t recommend enough. Here’s a banner update.

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