Blim'ed birthday (barty?)

What a fun evening. I really have a good time whenever I head up there. Next month, I think I am going to try out Gocco (Japanese paper printing). You’re welcome to join me as the classes are rarely full and I’d love to have your company.

Roached.The oil screen printing is pretty different compared to the water based method in that that you cannot simply wash the medium off your screen with water and that you must heat set your print when you’re finished. At Blim, they have a heating iron that looks like it would make industrial grade waffles (without the little squares to capture the syrup…mmmm….). Yuriko told me that I could get a heat gun for home but I would need to be pretty careful about how even my distribution was. Since none of my prints were particularly “even”, I don’t think I’m ready yet to make the switch.

I really like how the prints came out, but next time I do this print, I am going to put the pink and white down first, and then cover it with the black. I’m probably going to pop back up there in the next few weeks to continue making my octy prints in time for the Blim market. Flickr has the real good news.

White bag completed
Grey shirt completed. Successfully pressed. Ooh, that looks GOOD! Brown and black - not too bad. Final product

Have I mentioned?? My mom and I are holding a booth at the Blim community market on June 15th. I think we’re going to call the booth something really fancy like… “Mom and Me”. At the moment we have planned to sell:
-felted soap
-screen printed handkerchiefs
-palate cleansing coffee bean balls (cool and pretty)
-bug scrubbies for the dishes

We have been kicking around some other things, but until I actually make one as a prototype to sell, I don’t wanna post it and get your hopes up artificially.

I’m just not into that.

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