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I am a hard of hearing Vancounicorn, multidisciplinary artist, illustrator, musician, digital specialist & freelance designer.

I’ve been working in, on and around the web for the past decade and have been blogging for the past fifteen years, but I find that this is often more of a curse than a blessing. Still, I press on and love having a digital space where I can share and invite people to contribute their thoughts to help me grow as a person and artist.

My love for all things digital led me to a career in digital advertising where I headed up an interactive division for 4 years (after 4 years as a traditional media buyer/planner). However, as with blogging for more than a decade, the wear of the advertising world started to weigh heavily on me and I decided it was time to put more attention into my well being and my desire to create. My experiences and frustration with advertising and consumer manipulation have definitely fueled my artist inquiries as I seek to untangle value from marketability. I quit my job to attend Emily Carr and completed my Fine Arts Certificate. I have since self-published a children’s book with my partner called Josephine’s Saltine.

My personal goals are to continue to reduce my carbon footprint by making friendly, and informed choices and to pass along knowledge to friends & colleagues to encourage them to do the same. I use public transit and am an occasional cyclist/roller skating enthusiast.

I enjoy standing up and presenting, and my gregarious nature has lead me to several teaching engagements. I am sharing my art journey online, but continue to take on the occasional speaking gig to talk about the importance of honesty, best practices and transparency in the digital world. I love to participate in local public space and open source events.

I also enjoy playing the ukulele on YouTube. I am part of a jazz duo and you can see me singing around town at care facilities and public spaces. I teach music to children under the age of ten (pre-conservatory) and am often hired to lead crafts and music events for children. To book a party or event, please reach out to me via my contact page. I am also available for custom workshops having taught both youth and adults over the past 15 years.

Keywords that best describe me are: Gregarious, friendly, passionate, creative, resourceful and energetic.

Interests: Tea, technology, comics, design, art, sex & sexuality, macaroni & cheese, games, green innovation, open source, books, music & musical instruments, culture, and Vancouver.

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