nude_shadowtrialI have a really diffiicult time drawing the female form naked. I mean, I LIKE to draw nudes, I just find it really hard. My own measurements & proportions make for an odd form study. To make matters worse, no matter how small I TRY to make my figure’s bust, it always seems too big. Darn comic books. Here is one of my first form studies trying to get breast:body ratio right. It’s also the first thing I have scanned on my new scanner. I did a few of this particular nude and I like the use of shadow to insinuate the shape. I’m going to continue to draw exclusively nudes for the next few weeks to see how I continue to improve. If you’re interested, I’m always happy when people volunteer to be drawn. We’re all friends here, right?? There is also a figure drawing class up at Blim that I would like to attend if work decides to slow down again. It would mean not pestering my friends to push their comfort boundaries and strip for me, but it also means sitting amongst REAL artists and feeling insecure.

Evil Dead the musical comes to Vancouver in all it’s gory glory and we have seats fairly close to the splatter section. I’m sure I’m going to have a good time, since it’s rare that Cas gets that excited about a show. Supposedly it’s good form to wear white when you’re in the splatter section and since we’re only a row away from it – it’s probably a good idea to get some disposable whites. I needed a new painting top anyways.

4 thoughts on “Bewbs.”

  1. If you feel like drawing someone with the opposite problem in the “upstairs” department, I’d volunteer. Would be an interesting exercise in “stop being so damned self conscious about myself”, too. I *like* pushing my comfort boundaries!

  2. Yay! Well, my boobs are at your disposal. Um, I’ll probably have to be there too, they’re kind of attached. 😀

    We should find a time when we’re not both busy. 🙂

  3. I’ll hold the light… you need a light for this right?? Or I could be refreshments person.

    Or I could just sit at my desk and sneak peeks…

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