Background study #3C

Round III: h2oh.

Background practice: sukdotku #3

I started this one differently, just blobbing on colour and adjusting as I went along. This one took longer than the other two, but I like this kind of loose illustration when I’m just doodling/creating something off the top of my head.

I’ve left this final one up on the Suduko page if you feel like playing, or you want to see this final background in action.

Although, I didn’t initially size these as desktops, they are all backgrounds, so feel free to contact me for a copy of any of these projects for your personal use:

sukdotku, backgrounds, kdotca
Round I: In a Field
illustration, space, fantastical, backgrounds
Round II: In Space


illustration, backgrounds, fishbowl, kdotca
Round III: In a Bowl



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