Final Assignment: Sand Castle Lager

The final assignment for my Emily Carr CEIL 230: Commercial Illustration class was to create a beer label for the fictional product “Sand Castle Lager”. This assignment came during the height of a summer cold that left me so shaky and ill that I was unable to grasp a paintbrush, let alone draw a straight line for weeks. In order to hand something in, I sat for a few fevered hours in front of my tablet and sketched out a quick digital draft. The assignment, however, was to be a culmination of the inking techniques that we had learned over the course of the class, so upon sending in my placeholder homework I was granted an extension to complete the homework properly.

In the end, I like the pen and ink illustration of the saluting comrades best (celebrating the tagline: That summer feeling anytime you want”), but prefer the layout and colour scheme of the digital design. You just can’t beat computer lettering in my opinion and should I take the time to revise the project, I would like to see a hybrid final product.

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    1. Thx Jason!
      When I was doing my research, almost all the bottles had fl. oz on them – even the Cdn/BC brewed beers. I figured it was standard. Honestly, I couldn’t even TELL you how much a fluid oz. is without my phone converter. Weirdo imperialists :p

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