A very good day

k is very happy.cas is disappointed that you didn't play L5R with him.dad bought me breakfast.mom is considering buying a DS lite.dee is throwing a BBQdavor got a job.

Yesterday was a very good day. It is odd that it started with a doctor’s appointment. I had to head out early in the morning as my doctor is still located in Langley. I’m not really interested in getting a new doctor since most practitioners are not looking for new patients anyways and I really like the new nurse practitioners, so it makes getting appointments very easy.

Luckily I made all my connections and got to the Langley Hospital in an hour and 20 minutes…getting to my appointment 40 minutes early. Boo. I was prepared to complete the second level of Agent Elite Beats, but as luck would have it, no one else had arrived for their appointments, so I got to go in right away. My entire appointment took 10 minutes, so an hour and a half after having left my house, I found myself with no fixed plans for the day. I gave my parents a shout and asked if they wanted to join me for breakfast. We had some good laughs while we chowed down on sugary pancakes at Ricky’s. They offered to drive me to Surrey, but if I am going to pay for the $$$ 3-zone bus pass, then I’d better use it. Plus they DID pay for my breakfast – which was probably less that the cost of gas to drive out to Surrey and back.

I found myself stuck on the “canned heat” level of Agent elite on the way back home and, as luck would happen, I happened to look up and notice that I had pulled up to Broadway station. Broadway = Booster Juice. Bring on the macha.

Cas gave me a shout to say that his game was done as my bus pulled up to main and 20th. I was on route to smoking lily to check the new stuff so we agreed to meet up for lunch afterwards. I picked up a bright yellow skirt and a black boat neck tee with an awesome silkscreen of an octopus.

Bo Kong, the vegetarian Chinese restaurant on Main, ended up being the lunch of choice. I was still pretty full from breakfast, but I just couldn’t turn my tummy away from yummy bamboo shoots! Johnny and Chris had already ordered when I arrived, so I entertained them both with caffeine infused ramblings of my day so far. They both didn’t say much, but upon reflection, I didn’t really give them a choice. We finished up and headed home where it became apparent that my SO was in serious need of a nap.

I parted ways at the Pleasant Girl shop. Since I had had such fortune at smoking lily, I was feeling lucky, so I told Cas to head home and get some rest while I continued to shop. Naturally, I found a few pieces that I would have loved to pick up, but due to a badly chosen bra and a scary price tag, I decided to hold off on any more purchases!

Just as I was heading out, I received a call from Cas that he has stopped at our main st Comic Shop. I headed down to meet up with him and then was coerced into joining him for a juice at foundation. I felt a little silly to be taking up a table just for a few bucks worth of juice, but they weren’t too busy at 2.

Once we got Home, Mr Grumpy decided to take a nap before we headed out to the art show. When Cas came too, he was in a much better mood and we headed off towards Gastown. The line curled around the corner and into an alley way. We dutifully got into line behind some smokers and in front of grumblers. For a good 10 minutes, I listened to a duo of unhappy women complain about how everything was going to be gone before they even got to the front of the line while the quartet in front of us tag-team smoked their way through what must have been a package of cigarettes. While I HATE HATE HATE standing in line behind smokers, I was happy to note that they were a conscientious crew, attempting to breath upwards or away from the line.

About an hour later we were in. Boy howdy, was the wait worth it. While were weren’t able to pick up anything (most of the pieces we were interested in were already spoken for), we did make a list of some finds and will be keeping an eye out for their pieces going forward

Mark Atomos Pilon
Woodpile Collective
Adam Dodd
Samera Gibson
Thomas Anfield
Randy Grskovic
Wayne Webb
Char Hoyt
Lissa Veinot
Wendy Dyk

Unfortunately, few chose to publish their pieces online, so I have only linked to those who posted their “cheaper” art. Following our night of arty-farty, we chowed down on some Poutine a la Fritz and then headed home for some Lost.

I have to say, that yesterday was one of the best days THIS YEAR. I was happy throughout and really felt like I was living the DT lifestyle that I so dearly craved when I was in the burbs.

Today, I’m on my way to remember how the other half lives in Chilliwack as Dee and Davor are hosting a housewarming shindig today. It’ll be good to see them as I haven’t really seen them since I moved. I also have to bring Dee her birthday present. OH CRAP – and buy Davor one was well… Since it’s unlikely that I will be heading back out to the dark side of the moon again soon, it might be wise to bring something for D-man as well. So, I’m off!!

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