A poster? FOR YOU??!!

I have been included in the CAG data project contest. What this means for you is that I have a beautiful poster to give away! The printing is out of this world and the paper upon which the poster is printed is art itself. To take part in this contest, you simply need to share with me a memorable (and hopefully inspiring) gallery visit or experience. It doesn’t need to have been at the CAG*. Please share your gallery experience and how it effected you either in my comments, via Facebook or via Twitter. If you tweet your experience, please use the hashtag #cagdata40 (and either send it to my attention or include #kdotca). I will be drawing a winner on Saturday, March 17th at midnight & announcing it the next morning. I will be onsite at the CAG on Sunday, March 18th from Noon – 3PM where the winner can pick up their prize, or we’ll schedule a pick-up for the following week.

Learn more about the CAG data project here: http://www.kdot.ca/blog/cag-40-why-i-became-an-artist/

*I hope you have taken the time to visit this excellent free public Vancouver gallery…and if not, there is no time like the present. Visit the Contemporary Art Gallery (555 Nelson Street, Vancouver) while the Guo Fengi, Scott Massey, or Frances Stark exhibitions are on and make a memorable gallery trip today!

4 thoughts on “A poster? FOR YOU??!!”

  1. Do we have to share on Twitter/Facebook? My best gallery story is not fit for the consumption of some of the people on my twitter and facebook feeds.

  2. I have been fortunate to experience many memorable gallery visits, but one that comes to mind occurred in 1986. It was an exhibition called “Van Gogh in Saint-Rémy and Auvers” at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. I had seen reproductions of Van Gogh works many times but this was my first opportunity to see the work in person. The pieces were stunning and brilliant and so exciting! Looking at art printed in a book or published online is great, but there is nothing compared to seeing it in person.

  3. Back in the Fall I went to the VAG to see the Audain Collection. Wandering into one of the rooms my eyes were immediately drawn to a painting by Takao Tanabe. I fell hard and fast for the painting and when I got home I immediately fired up Google and discovered the Burnaby Art Gallery was curating an exhibit full of his earlier drawings. I managed to catch the BAG exhibit, which included drawings and watercolours spanning 60 years. Takao Tanabe’s work charged me up. His work inspired me and his artistic longevity lit a fire inside of me. Over the past few months I’ve come to realize he’s one of the biggest reasons I put charcoal to paper again, after almost a decade of “silence”.

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