As of 5PM this afternoon, I am on a 5-day vacation. It’s been a busy and stressful month as we had to let someone go at work, Cloud has continued to get sicker and I have tried my best to stay on track with my 6AM fitness regimen. This 5-day mini-break is just what I need to get back on track. My vet today confirmed that we don’t have to keep stressing ourselves out chasing after the cat, who has learned that 10:30PM + love = injection medicine. We can skip nights that are particularly troublesome, or end the treatment when he starts to squirm. This is a major relief since last night, he squirmed right into my lap while Cas and I tried to hold him down (and not stick ourselves with a needle). Since these treatments are supposed to be about “quality of life” improvements, the vet said that stressing both us and the cat out was defeating the purpose of the treatment itself.

As far as the “bootcamp” goes, I slept in this morning. Perhaps I should feel bad ending my month-long fitness/torture path with zzz, but yesterday I came in 2nd during the final running circuit (I’m usually last or 2nd last) and I can feel myself improving. I’m still not 100%, but I am leaning towards signing up for another session. Part of me is shocked that I would even write this down because of how much I HATE getting up the morning. I try to “feel-good-speech-therapy” myself en route in the morning, but usually end up grumbling about how tired I am or how much my ankle hurts. I still hate mornings and running, but I have a new pair of shoes, ankle brace and lung strength that is making me think that I should try this for at least one more month. Not really sure about my sanity these days.

My friend Carson is on his way out as I type to spend the 5-days with Cas and I. I have a pretty big wishlist for my vacation, but with the weather forecast predicting nothing but sun and heat for the next week, I am energized and ready to go.

Things I am going to do on my vacation:

  1. Finish another chapter of the story Cas and I are writing together.
  2. Go to Rec beach and tan my boobies!
  3. Finish the Wicked novel I have been trying to read for the past…5 months.
  4. Celebrate my Dad’s birthday.
  5. Go to Sin City and dance about.
  6. Paint another hero square (or at least get her prepped).
  7. Put up my portfolio online.
  8. Get caught up on my comics.
  9. Draw something each day I am off.
  10. Do a video with Strawberry & I (for the CHILDREN).
  11. Work in my garden.
  12. Clean out the boxes from upstairs and officially be done with “moving”.
  13. Walk the seawall.
  14. Remove the Christmas music from my iTunes account.
  15. More planning on the next 2LW event, work on 2LW website.

Speaking of 2LW, the Busin’ good weekend wasn’t as well attended as we had hoped. I had a good time, but we only had a turn out of about 60 people. I think sometimes it’s easy for us to get excited about what we’re doing and automatically assume that that enthusiasm is reciprocated by everyone else. As it is, we’re not discouraged and we’re already starting to work on our next 2 events. The first confirmed event will be a showing of BLAST, this wicked cool documentary that we’re going to set up sometime in August (date TBA). The second will be the return of Cthulupalooza this December. I attended this show as a guest last year, so this year, as an organizer I will be helping with the planning & execution of the 2nd annual event. Did you attend last year and have any recommendations? Drop me a line. On the shush-shush, I am spearheading another event that will be sandwiched between these two events. While I can’t reveal anything yet, I do advise you to brush off your formal wear in preparation.

I’m adding another 2 comics to the “must-read” list. The first is a very cute comic called “Luz”. Since I have been trying to live more sustainably over the past few years, I like to see the simple informed messages that Claudia Dávila draws and learn new ways to stay optimistic in these uncertain times. It’s going into a my links list (see right). The second, Papercut, isn’t going to appear on my links list as the artist, Mr Michael Cho, is about to take some time off to prepare for his new baby – but his artwork and concept is spectacular. I want to link you to his story Waiting which is his most recent oeuvre. He draws and writes mini-stories which I actually like because it frees up the artist to take these hiatuses (when they tie up their most recent story 🙂 ) and you can go back and read them in a single sitting.

I hope you have a great weekend. I hope to have time to post updates during my break – but if I don’t, you know I’m out livin’ up my mini-break. Catcha Canada Day at least 🙂

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