5 quiet days.

scan_CarsonI had an excellent mini-break. Carson came over on Friday night (at the tail end of my 2nd cold in 2 months). I was really bagged having spent the night before hugging the porceline throne. We chilled, ate pizza and watched TV. It was exactly what I needed to jump the last viral hurdle. The next day, I pranced down the sidewalk as I headed out shopping along the Drive. I had a spectacular time which unfortunately translated to some reckless spending on my part (hello?? Have you SEEN the renovations at Smoking Lily?). I met up with the boys afterwards (they had taken in the Loading Ready Run show at the Rio) and we enjoyed yet ANOTHER evening of rest, followed by more shopping. *swoon*

On Monday & Tuesday (yes, I took them off!) I had time to practice more uke. I think that I have 2 more songs that are nearing the point where I could record them and share with you. The cold pushed that back a little bit, but I was able to practice the fingering. I have been working my voice back to 100%. Since Cas said that it sounded like I was going to hurt myself going for some of the upper notes, I’ll pace myself.

We also had Tony over so that we could try out 4th edition D&D. I have been putting it off since I never really liked the old rule system, but at least I KNEW it and I was being lazy. Luckily, I learned (between the complaints and Carson’s old school snobbery :D) that they had dumbed down the game significantly, so all I needed to do was run myself through Wizard’s character generator (warning – requires Windows) and print out some action cards. I, personally, think the action cards are inspired – especially for the casual gamer like me, but I can understand how the uber nerds who enjoyed memorizing the entire basic rules and at least 4-5 builder books worth of content would feel a little put out. Don’t worry – I hear the PHB3 is due out soon. Cas killed our characters by the 2nd encounter because we were only 3 people in a module written for 5-6 people but I got the gist of it and I would probably play again. Can’t say I’d run anything.

The only regret I have is that the world doesn’t stop spinning when I’m on vacation. Since I’m not really into this whole light = waking hours, I enjoy setting my schedule on it’s head during my breaks. Unfortunately, it bit me in the ass on Tuesday when we spent the entire night up and I was awoken by work at 9AM (2 hours sleep). In retrospect, I’d do it again. Have you SEEN the Venture Bros.? At first I had a bit of a hate on every time I heard someone say “you’re a giant douche if you’ve haven’t seen the Venture Bros”, but (while I still want to stab anyone who uses a chemical vagina wash as a popular noun) …GO TEAM VENTURE.

Somewhere in there, I had time to do some sketching.

Thanks for coming over from the island to stay with us Carson. We miss you when you go home 🙁

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