2nd attempt at vlogging genius.

k-dot has a camera
This time it has sound…

I attempted to do a little introduction, explaining that I am officially on vacation. I have decided to take the entire next week off (phew!!), and in doing so, find myself with 10 days of k-time.

I made a little list of items that I will (MUST!) do this week. This time, there is some sound…however, if I, or k-dot, actually talk like this…someone shoot us.

Yeaaaaaii! (sorry!)

One thought on “2nd attempt at vlogging genius.”

  1. Can’t make out what I’m saying?

    Handy printed list for the hearing impaired:
    #1. Crochet a Hat.
    #2. Animate a banner for my website (yeaaaii!)
    #3. Walk through Stanley Park.
    #4. My dinosaur project.
    #5. Rent a car and clear out my recycling.
    #6. Watch some warrior princess action. Mmm, xena.

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