Scarcity Sue & nothing to do

Scarcity Sue and Nothing to Do is a response to a 3-day discussion workshop on Scarcity lead by artist, Sarah Brown. Over the three days, several themes were repeated such as perception, myth, abstraction, and materiality. In response to the talks, Slater wrote a short tale in the format of an audio “read-along-book”. However, in … Continue reading Scarcity Sue & nothing to do

Josephine’s Saltine

Finally completed! A dream come true to get to illustrate a children’s book. Onward and upward! Next goal: illustration TWO children’s books! Since the website has been discontinued, here is a copy of my interview from the project (if you’re interested in the design & illustration project). Buy Josephine’s Saltine and get a bilingual, (English … Continue reading Josephine’s Saltine