A creative date for Valentines

Cas & I reprised our createmas game for our Valentines date. This time, the goal was to make ourselves into fantasy characters. We has the same restrictions as last time; 1 hour limit and once we completed our first challenge, we swapped to respond to our initial creations. I drew (responding to Cas’s writing/creation of):  Kaytee Pennywrench … Continue reading A creative date for Valentines

Making [gottacon] comics

On Monday, I attended the VPL seminar “Writing Comics“. It featured local illustrator Angela Melick, from the web comic Wasted Talent. It was an excellent hour and a half covering such topics as; Prose vs. Comics writing, Genres & Styles, Process (my favourite part of the evening) and Publishing. Beside the occasional self-centered question from the … Continue reading Making [gottacon] comics

My stranger Saturday night.

I’m pretty hooked on this instagram thing. While I am not fooled into thinking that I have become a competent photographer, the filters at least make looking at the photos (that I was going to continue to take anyways) enjoyable. Currently, the meme being passed around is #febphotoaday. I was quite enjoying the game of coming up … Continue reading My stranger Saturday night.