The business of pumpkins (or “what I did this weekend”).

The weekend started right when we hosted Steve & Heather for a little pumpkin carving magic Friday night. This after 2 hours of lounging at the Wallflower, so we were a little punch-drunk when we got the knives out around 10PM. I was hesitant at first as I have had my fair share of pumpkin-carving … Continue reading The business of pumpkins (or “what I did this weekend”).

Introduction to Illustration: Begin

I have officially begun round two of Emily Carr continuing education. My advanced studies in Illustration begins simply with Introduction to Illustration (as my Commercial Illustration class was canceled this semester due to disinterest). The class is entirely made up of women (with a male instructor) and the most common introduction was “I draw cutesy”. Hrmm. Assignment … Continue reading Introduction to Illustration: Begin