Yesterday was the Vancouver Pride parade. I have been trying for 3 years to get down and see it and have struck out consecutively 2 years in a row due to one problem or another. This year; however, I was not only there, but had a curbside location where I stayed firmly planted (while dancing, whooping and flag waving) for 3 hours. I have the neck sunburn to prove it and if that’s not enough, some pictures.

This dude decided to pop in and out of the parade as it passed us bye. The group of us believe that he is more of our shots than any other theme, and that he will probably be in one of the newspapers today. That being said, I don’t know if any of them are brave enough to feature a front flappin’ naked dude, but I hope they are. It’s my bet.

His costume was made of the finest plastic rainbow chain and his hat said go naked, which he proudly proved was a great state of mind as well as a state of dress. Such photo ops were; ass out of the police truck, under the cape of a super mascot, line dancing with the gay men’s chorus and running down the street with a giant inflatable volleyball stolen from the GMVA (gay men’s volleyball association).

Following the parade, I decided to go down to the beach and flaunt my new cheapy bathing suit ($20 at the end of the season sale) and met up with some friends who were all posing in various states of undress. Happy to get photophied in the pride, I stripped down as well and pulled out my best muscle-girl poses. It was very liberating to walk around without a shirt on and I am very proud of my continued weight loss that allowed me to strut my stuff without suffering from a nervous break down.

We headed over to cafe crepe and unanimously agreed that it was the best cheap drinks location around town no matter what comes from the bov. Our conversation slowly broke down to gross and inappropriate and we parted ways after only 2 pitchers and a few shots. Having not partaken in the dinner/drinks, I filled the hole in my belly with veggie poutine from Frit/z and headed home.

I meant to spend the rest of the evening working on my mural, but ended up working on the last of 3 of my super hero women series. The colours were difficult to choose this time as I had already worked with black and white in the others. However, I got a lot done and hope to start working on the details today.

Can you guess who I am working on?

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  1. Hmmmm, ShepRa Princess of Power, Wonder Woman (Princess of the Amazons) so it would be Xena Warrior Princess?? 🙂

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